Enabling seamless Patient care and Practice Management through innovation.

EHR Integration

Exchanging data with EHRs or customizing workflows within EHRs can be daunting with the diverse integration options that are available. With decades of experience working with different generations of EHRs we develop scalable and extensible solutions. Our toolkit includes standards like HL7, FHIR, SMART on FHIR etc and proprietary APIs. Reuse and normalization of data are guiding principles we subscribe to in developing these integrations. The economies of scope we rely on to develop our integrations allows us to pass on the savings to our customers.

The cloud revolution has further enhanced our ability to build reliable, scalable and fault tolerant integrations for health information systems. We also leverage commercial integration engines like Redox Engine, Mirth, Interfaceware etc to meet our customers' integration needs.

Consumer Health and Patient Engagement

Patients use several digital health applications and devices more than ever. Getting the patient experience right is key to engage with patients meaningfully. We have deep expertise in areas of patient outreach, data collection, surveys and mobility and have developed deep integrations with leading patient portals. These patient web and mobile applications are designed and developed with a goal to provide the best possible user and patient experience. Our UX design team has deep expertise in consumer health design with patient engagement at the core of our design philosophy.

Our customers have entrusted us with their patient digital health implementations that span the patient's care lifecycle; from onboarding to appointments to review of systems to follow up care, we have implemented solutions for every step in the patient engagement lifecycle. This breadth of experience gives us the edge when a customer is looking for a trusted partner rather than just a vendor to deliver a reliable patient experience solution.

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