About us

Troniqs Rationale Technologies and Services Private Limited is a technology company that aims to bring affordable technology to the masses. Our prime focus is on developing consumer electronic products that have maximum utilitarian value to all our customers – techsavy or otherwise. Our business model is shaped to extract maximum advantage of the Open Source market, such as incredible reduction in development costs, enhanced features and security, products that are never theoretically extinct, all for the benefit of our customers, in addition to the freedom of usage the Open Source community entitles.

Our Commitment

We believe technology should be for everyone, irrespective of their budget. Our products and professional services ensure everyone gets the best value for money. We understand how confusing and difficult technology can get. This is exactly why we have spent years, tailoring an ecosystem with seamless support and a consistent user experience for a wide range of products, and services.


After almost half a decade of market research across various business domains, our customisable yet easy to maintain services and products are designed to be extensible, efficient and intuitive.


With meticulously automated, innovative products and tools, our offerings guarantee quality adherence to the highest standards, providing solutions to a wide array of real-world problems.


Continuous improvement, and iterative value additions are deeply ingrained in our philosophy. Most of our products, if not all are modular by design, thereby allowing you to extend, optimize, or mix-and-match them accordingly, as your needs evolve.

Our Clients

Happy clients from different parts of the globe, from vastly different industries, are a testament to our quality and value centric approach to technology. Real people, real projects, real problems, and real solutions. It hasn't been all rainbows and sun shine, we've had our fair share of mishaps and lost clients, which has only made us more resilient and eager to continuosly reach for the next level..

Our Team

People are the be-all and end-all of Troniqs Rationale. Our carefully assembled team shares Troniqs Rationale's vision and are dedicated to bring the best of their skills to play, everyday. We've grown organically from one insomniac in 2015, to a gradually growing, intimate group of super-creative people, who understand that creativity without a context is as good as none.

Manickavachagom Thanupillai

Full-stack Architect & CTO

Soy Ramachandran

Technology Consultant

Shyla Kumari JS

Director of People

Aravind JK

Marketing Executive

Sakthi Sinujha

Software Engineer

Asmith MD

Full-stack Engineer

Aro Denifa Frank

Junior Software Engineer

Sumathi M

Junior Full-stack Engineer

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